International Mother Language Day (21 February): “Multilingual education is a pillar of intergenerational learning” – Unesco

2024 celebrations The theme of International Mother Language Day celebration 2024 is “Multilingual education is a pillar of intergenerational learning”. Today, 250 million children and young people still do not …

India’s tribal cultural heritage – Bihar

”No one wants the forest to disappear”: Dr. Felix Padel on peace, justice, the Forest Rights Act and music

How could peace be brought, with justice? Is there even a movement for peace? How does this war compare with other wars in India, and worldwide? Few have targeted civilian …

“I would talk to the people before starting a project”: Tribals youths on traditional way of governance and lifestyle

Source: “Tribals prefer traditional way of governance over Panchayati Raj” – Express News Service6 September 2009Address : Visited: Thu Mar 29 2012 23:11:28 GMT+0200 (CEST)

Learn from “insiders” to fight misconceptions: Ideas and practices worth sharing

There’s much to learn from the positive contributions made by tribal communities on a daily basis. To start with, let’s learn from insiders and others who have dedicated their lives …

How to fight malnutrition and increase diversity of choice for lower-income households? Improve traditional supply chains! – The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Addressing malnutrition requires a multisectoral approach that includes complementary interventions in food systems, public health and education. This approach also facilitates the pursuit of multiple objectives, including better nutrition, gender …

“What unites Indians is a love for songs”: Adivasi music – Rajasthan and Gujarat

Source: “What unites Indians is a love for songs” by Ganesh [G.N.] Devy (The Telegraph, 1 November 2019)URL: Visited: 14 July 2022

Teaching Santal children by Boro Baski

Though India is hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, our small cluster of two Adivasi villages in West Bengal has not suffered infections yet. We do feel the economic impacts …

India’s tribal cultural heritage – Sikkim

“The People of Sikkim consist of three ethnic groups, that is, Lepcha, Bhutia and Nepali. Communities of different hues intermingle freely in Sikkim.” – >>