India’s tribal communities portrayed by leading periodicals and internet portals – Press roundup

For an up-to-date press roundup, type “Adivasi welfare”, “tribe citizen journalism”, “tribal youth technology”, “tribal women”, “Warli tribal art”, “Nigiris tribe heritage”, “rural education Chhattisgarh”, “tribe grassroots journalism”, “vulnerable tribal community”, “Santal education”, “Andaman Nicobar tribal tourism” or similar search terms into the search window seen below:

Reports in the Indian press | List of periodicals included in this search >>

Find up-to-date information provided by, for and about Indian authors, researchers, officials, and educators
Search tips: in the search field seen here, type the name of any tribal (Adivasi) community, region, state or language; add (copy-paste) keywords of special interest (childhood tribal education language sacred grove women); specify any issue you want to learn more about (biodiversity ecology ethnobotany health nutrition poverty), including rights to which Scheduled Tribes are entitled (Forest Rights Act Protection from illegal mining UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples) | More search options >>

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