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Search tips

In the above search window, enter several combinations of search words, regions of India and names while including “tribal” or “tribe” in order to get a good impression of indigenous customs, education, crafts, endangered languages, or rights laid down in the Forest Rights Act (FRA). This includes success stories in the fields of ecology, economy, conservation efforts by tribal communities, branches of the Indian government, institutions of higher learning and NGOs.
Searches based on your keywords include up-to-date news on grass root efforts providing tribal communities with balanced nutrition and health services based on hereditary knowledge and informal teaching methods that have maintained India’s biodiversity (studied worldwide as “ethnobotany“).

For example: the combination of search words “tribal grass root efforts” yields the following report on an “empowering journey by educating the tribal youth about their rights and responsibilities”, published on the occasion of the 2019 International Women’s Day in The Hindu: “These women from Visakhapatnam are bringing changes at grassroot level” (i.e. two women’s NGO’s founded in Vizianagaram district) | Read the full report here >>

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  1. Indian Govt., research inst. & NGOs (Freedom United, Survival Int., United Nations)
  2. Indigenous knowledge: biodiversity, ecology, health, nutrition and wildlife
  3. Indian magazines and web portals – news coverage and analysis
  4. Indian press coverage of tribal culture – Online editions of daily newspapers in English
  5. Find educational and children’s books on tribal culture – Indian publishers
  6. Find scholarly books, poetry and fiction relating to tribal culture – Indian publishers

Born of a sense of wonder for India’s natural heritage, and the drive to affect positive change, Sanctuary Asia envisions a world with abundant biodiversity, a sustainable climate and an equitable future for one and all.

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