Find scholarly books, fiction and poetry relating to tribal culture: Indian publishers – Custom search

To find publications released by Indian publishers and government institutions, type “tribal cultural” in the search field seen below; or combine the name of a person, tribal community (e.g. “Gond”, “Santal”, “Santhal”, “Warli”) with that of an Indian State or Union Territory (e.g. “Andaman”, “Tripura”, “Telangana tribal”, “Kerala Adivasi children nutrition”). Likewise, search for a particular region (e.g. “Bastar”, “Northeast India tribe”) in combination with any subject of special interest (e.g. “Warli painting”, “Gond music”, “Bhil language”).

For a list of websites included in a single search, see below. To find children’s and educational books or search Indian periodicals, magazines, web portals and other sources safely, click here >>

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List of sites covered by this Google custom search engine