Publications by social anthropologist Prof. Carol Upadhya, School of Social Sciences Bangalore: land rights and adivasi politics in Jharkhand

Carol Upadhya, a social anthropologist, is Professor in the School of Social Sciences [Bangalore]. Prof. Upadhya is Co-director of an international collaborative research programme entitled ‘Provincial Globalisation: The Impact of Reverse Transnational Flows in India’s Regional Towns’, and is Co-Anchor of the Urban Research and Policy Programme at NIAS. She is co-editor (with A. R. Vasavi) of In an Outpost of the Global Economy: Work and Workers in India’s Information Technology Industry (Routledge, New Delhi, 2008), and (with Mario Rutten) Small Business Entrepreneurs in Asia and Europe: Towards a Comparative Perspective (Sage, New Delhi, 1997). She has published several papers and book chapters on the Indian middle class, work culture and employment issues in the software industry, caste and class formations in Coastal Andhra, the history of sociology in India, and land rights and adivasi politics in Jharkhand. Prof. Upadhya holds a doctoral degree in social-cultural anthropology from Yale University, and previously taught sociology at the Post-Graduate Department of SNDT Women’s University in Mumbai.

Prof. Upadhya’s research interests focus on globalisation, transnationalism, development, class, and social transformations in India, and on anthropological theory and the history of anthropology. She is currently leading the research programme on ‘Provincial Globalisation’, a comparative study of migration and transnationalism in three regions of India. Prof Upadhya is also completing a monograph on work, class and culture among Indian IT workers.

Select publications


Upadhya, Carol (2011) Colonial anthropology, law, and adivasi struggles: The case of Jharkhand. In: Doing sociology in India. Oxford University Press, New Delhi, pp. 266-289. ISBN 9780198070115

Upadhya, Carol
2009 Law, custom, and adivasi identity: Politics of land rights in Chotanagpur. In Nandini Sundar(ed), Legal Grounds: Natural Resources, Identity, and the Law in Jharkhand, pp. 30-55. New Delhi: Oxford University Press.

Upadhya, Carol
2007  The idea of Indian society: G.S. Ghurye and the making of Indian sociology. In Patricia Uberoi, Nandini Sundar, and Satish Deshpande (eds.), Anthropology in the East: Founders of Indian Sociology and Anthropology, pp. 194-255. Ranikhet: Permanent Black.

Upadhya, Carol (2005) Community Rights in Land in Jharkhand. Economic and Political Weekly, 40 (41). pp. 4435-4442. ISSN 0012-9976

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