Tribals’ day out in Udhagamandalam (Nilgiri) – Tamil Nadu

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D. Radhakrishnan, The Hindu, Udhagamandalam, February 14, 2012

Responding to an invitation extended by the local station of the All India Radio and Coimbatore Doordarshan, dance and music troupes of different tribal communities — Todas, Kotas, Paniyas, Irulas, Kurumbas and Kaatunaikers — from different parts of the Nilgiris district landed here to showcase their graceful dance movements and traditional music which reflected their hoary culture.

Aided by ideal weather and a scenic location, the programme titled ‘Ooty Looty’ attracted a good number of spectators including foreigners and students. Setting in motion the proceedings by playing a tribal percussion instrument, the Nilgiris district Collector Archana Patnaik lauded the efforts to exhibit tribal culture. Pointing out that there is a lot more to culture than dancing and singing, she said that focus should also be on preservation of rituals associated with marriages and other ceremonies.

Speaking to The Hindu, the Deputy Director, Archeological Survey of India, Mysore, R. Sathyanarayana said occasions like these, provide an opportunity to members of various tribal communities to understand each other. They also enlighten the non-tribals. […]

Vaasamalli, a prominent member of the Toda community pointed out that the programme was the first of its kind.

She added that everything possible should be done to preserve tribal dances in their pristine form. Madhavi Raveendranath, Station Head, AIR said that the programme was a tribute to the rich cultural legacy of the Blue Mountains.

A cultural programme by transgenders added value to the programme.

Source: The Hindu : States / Tamil Nadu : Tribals’ day out in Udhagamandalam
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Date Visited: 16 December 2020

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