Sidi/Habshi cultural heritage in Uttara Kannada: A community with African ancestry – Karnataka

Siddi God -habsi | For more information and photos by folklorist Mrs. Savita Uday (Honnavar) 26-7-13, visit the buDa blog &>>

The labels like Siddis, habshis  are embedded in Indian local, state and national constructs such as records that socially assign. It is interesting to see the racial term Siddi emerged as a surname in order to address their own needs now that they have been granted Scheduled Tribe status in Karnataka since 2003. They kept their surnames Siddi though it is a racial term. And the term Habsi/Hafsi/habshi is considered an insult/abusing word in India .

Their major economic resources are agricultural land and the western ghat forest. Their main source of livelihood  is agricultural laborers.  Few among them own pieces of land while others live on encroached lands in order to grow paddy and sugarcane. Few of the men are watchmen security officers, truck drivers, masons, logs cutters, and other such day laborers. […]

Source: buDa- folklore: Siddis of Karnataka and the Habshis from Abyssinia … -The Lost African Tribe
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Siddi Dance-Damami Kunita from Karntaka siddis

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