Learning from tribal communities’ success stories: “Is it eccentric to live in beautiful scenery in the hills among some of the most charming people in the country?”

“Is it eccentric to live in beautiful scenery in the hills among some of the most charming people in the country, even though they may be ignorant and poor?” – Verrier Elwin quoted by G.N. Devy in The Oxford India Elwin >>

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Arunachal Pradesh’s Singchung Bagun Village Community Reserve is winning hearts of the netizens for its novel cause. The reserve built to preserve a rare species of bird was set up after researchers, the Bagun tribe from the state, and the forest department officials joined hands to build this community reserve. […]

Later on, forest department officials and researchers helped to convince the Buguns, mapped the area, collected wildlife data, and chalked out a plan to manage the reserve. The villagers then decided to turn 17 sq km of their land into a community reserve, as they also believed that it is important for them to protect water sources and forests.

That rare species of bird, which was seen by Athreya, had been named as Bugun Liochila, whereas the Bugun tribe believe that the bird had become a boon for their lives.

Source: “Arunachal Pradesh: Tribal turns this village into a bird sanctuary” (Times Travel, 4 March 2020)
URL: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/travel/destinations/arunachal-pradesh-tribal-turns-this-village-into-a-bird-sanctuary/as74477014.cms
Date visited: 31 December 2020

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