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Ladakh is ‘little Tibet’  culturally speaking and geographically it provides a habitat for the shy and reclusive Snow Leopard which is on the verge of extinction and which is why the Snow Leopard Conservancy exists, to stem their demise. Headed ably by Rinchen Wangchuk in India. SLC, India  has been in the news recently for making it to the finals of the GeoTourism Challenge conducted by the National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations and Ashoka’s Changemakers. […]

It is not that the kids here are removed from outside influences like TV or other social distractions like the cell phones, the ‘good’ behaviour one could put it down to Culture and Religion of the land – Tibetan/ Buddhist –and be done with it, but the Munir Ahmed says that this is how this area has always been. They have always appreciated good education. Hence many in Hemis Shukpachan are well educated. Some have set up Homestays to provide accommodation to the weary trekker and thus generate some extra income. […]

People work hard, go down to the plains to study true (as in ‘far away’  Chandigarh or Shimla) but they return home once they are bored out of their brains with the heat, with a degree or two in tow. […]

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About Kavita Meegama

Kavita Meegama works as a Language and Culture Instructor at FSI. She is also an experienced filmmaker and has worked previously across rural India with various non-profits including Association for India’s Development (AID-India) for more than a decade.  […]

Kavita’s core interest lies in arts, culture, documentary filmaking and environmental issues. […]

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The smart boy or clever girl who is deprived of the opportunity of schooling, or who goes to a school with dismal facilities (not to mention the high incidence of absentee teachers), not only loses the opportunities he or she could have had, but also adds to the massive waste of talent that is a characteristic of the life of our country.

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