Video | Providing rural children with reading skills and science education – EUREKA (Tamil Nadu)


With the support of government officials and local teachers, the volunteers of AID Chennai facilitate educational activities in rural areas of Tamil Nadu.

In order to develop children’s innate talents and social skills, the Eureka Child Foundation’s congenial method combines reading assignments with playful activities and songs. Sets of beautifully designed word cards and story cards motivate children and their parents to persevere in a well conceived joint effort.

In a video by Kavita Meegama titled Empowering through Education in Tamil Nadu, the Association for India’s Development demonstrates a grass-roots pedagogy that is viable – even where resources are scarce:

Padippum Inikkum and Araviyal Anandam are two of the most successful educational projects that AID Chennai is involved in through EUREKA. They have been instrumental in getting primary school children in rural schools to read better and also in providing science education via fun filled projects designed specifically for them.

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