Mahatma Gandhi interested in promoting the Adivasi culture – Adivasi Sanskriti Sangam in New Delhi

To foster a better understanding of the unique lifestyle of tribal communities, Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti is hosting a three-day cultural event of Adivasi communities at Gandhi Darshan opposite Raj Ghat here beginning this Wednesday.

To be attended by social activists, intelligentsia and tribals hailing from 18 States, “Adivasi Sanskriti Sangam” seeks to emphasis the point that Mahatma Gandhi was interested in promoting the Adivasi culture. And the event will also point out the fact that the simplicity that characterised Gandhiji’s life and his love for nature was similar to the Adivasi’s lifestyle. Besides a two-day cultural programme, the event features an exhibition of Adivasi crafts, “Jan Sansad” and an Adivasi march from Raj Ghat to GSDS. […]

“Close to the Gandhian world view, the event presents an alternative to the current consumerist culture. It will be an important opportunity to pay attention on present strife in tribal areas and listen to the Adivasi perspectives,” said GSDS Director Manimala at a press conference here on Monday.

Pointing out that the tribal areas of the country are passing through a difficult phase, Ms. Manimala said unbridled exploitation of natural resources and dispossession of the Adivasi communities from their natural assets and habitat has led to a long drawn strife and violence in these green and mountainous regions. “It is threatening the self-reliant and dignified lifestyle of the Adivasi communities whose co-habitation with nature has been unique all along.”

“During his life span, the Father of the Nation was aggrieved by the exploitation of tribal communities and tried his best to serve them. Sending Takkar Bappa, a social worker, to work for uplift of tribal people was a case in point,” said a senior representative from GSDS.

Since Independence, the lot of Adivasi has been exacerbating and it has now come to the stage when their identity is in danger. “So the event will give the voiceless tribal folks an opportunity to make their voice heard. […]

Source: “Bid to give voiceless tribals a chance to have themselves heard”, The Hindu, 22 November 2011
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The slogan today is no longer merely ‘Asia for the Asians’ or ‘Africa for the Africans’ but the unity of all the oppressed races of the earth.” – Mahatma Gandhi addressing two stalwarts of the struggle struggle in South Africa against apartheid), quoted by Vinay Lal in The Solidarity of Oppressed Peoples: A Tribute to E S Reddy, Anti-Apartheid Activist >>

Truth (Satya) implies Love, and Firmness (Agraha) engenders and therefore serves as a synonym for force … that is to say, the Force which is born of Truth and Love or Non-violence.

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“Air is free to all but if it is polluted it harms our health… Next comes water… From now on we must take up the effort to secure water. Councillors are servants of the people and we have a right to question them.” – Mohandas K. Gandhi, Ahmedabad address on 1 January 1918; quoted by his grandson, Gopalkrishna Gandhi, in “On another New Year’s Day: Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘khorak’ a 100 years ago” (The Hindu, 1 January 2018)

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