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If you don’t have a YouTube channel as an education provider, there’s a good chance you’re behind the times. Nearly every major educational institution in the world now hosts its own collection of videos featuring news, lectures, tutorials, and open courseware. Just as many individuals have their own channel, curating their expertise in a series of broadcasted lessons.

These channels allow instructors to share information and blend media in unprecedented and exciting new ways. From teaching Mandarin Chinese to busting myths about Astronomy, the educational possibilities are virtually endless pun intended!

Because we can now sift through thousands of resources while navigating a single repository, the potential for inspiration and growth in the field of education has reached a new height.

Here are the top channels worth following based on views, subscriptions, and quality of content […]

Click here for the top channels worth following based on views, subscriptions, and quality of content >>

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Teachers With Apps is pleased to unveil their Teachers With Apps Certified Apps program. This Certification was designed to recognize and applaud Apps that are exemplary. The Teachers With Apps Certified badge of approval is awarded, on a triannual basis, to education apps that prove exemplary in the following areas: content, presentation, and execution, as well as overall user experience.

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