Adivasi Academy & Museum of Adivasi Voice at Tejgadh – Gujarat

The Adivasi Academy & Museum of Adivasi Voice
At and Post. Tejgadh
Taluka: Chhota Udepur
Vadodara 391 156

Discussing Gujarati novels on tribal culture, Jitendra Vasava, a lecturer at Adivasi Academy, Tejgadh said, “The adivasi has always been described as a figure of pity by mainstream writers. But there is a group of tribal writers, who, through their literature, are giving an answer to the questions raised on their identity. This is a phase of revolt for tribal writers, who are trying to showcase the tribes in the same light. It is only after this that the tribal writers can write about the beauty of their world. […]

In the present phase of Gujarati literature, the question is not how the modern people look at members of tribal community but what the latter think of the former. The tribals’ life is a clean slate in the face of globalisation and it is interesting to see how they are adapting to modernisation, which is changing their life and culture.”

Source: “Symposium held on Gujarat tribal literature, culture”, Indian Express, 28 February 2010
Date visited: 23 July 2020

The Adivasi Academy is established to create a unique educational environment for the study of tribal communities. The Academy is aimed to become an institute for the study of tribal history, folklore, cultural geography, social dynamics, economy, development studies, medicine, music, arts and theatre. With its multidisciplinary approach and related interventional measures, the Academy is striving to create a new approach of academic activism.

Accessed: 20 June 2012

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