The Oraon community: Its role in the Freedom Movement – Jharkhand

The Role of Adivasis in the Freedom Movement – Jharkhand
Adivasi uprisings in the Jharkhand belt were quelled by the British through massive deployment of troops across the region. The Kherwar uprising and the Birsa Munda movement were the most important struggles in late-18th century against British rule and their local agents. […] In 1914, Jatra Oraon started the Tana Movement, which drew the participation of over 25,500 Adivasis. The Tana movement joined the [Gandhian] nation-wide Satyagraha Movement (the non-violent movement for independence) in 1920 and stopped the payment of land-taxes to the colonial Government. | Learn more here: Indigenous Knowledge: “The country can learn much from the beauty of Adivasi social practices, their culture of sharing and respect for all” – Continue reading

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