Video | Hul Sengel: The Spirit of the Santal Revolution (1855) – Jharkhand

Watch a film produced on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Santal Hul [“Santal revolution” of 1855-56] >>

Director and Producer: Daniel J. Rycroft, University of East Anglia
Co-Director: Joy Raj Tudu (Indian Confederation of Indigenous & Tribal People)
Co-Producer: D. Mardi (Indian Confederation of Indigenous & Tribal People)
Coordinator: John Jantu Soren (Indian Confederation of Indigenous & Tribal People)
Editor: Paramita Guha
Camera: Priya Sen
Paintings: Pujahar Soren

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von Fürer-Haimendorf, Christoph. Tribes of India: The Struggle for Survival. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1982, pp. 36-37

The  Santal  Rebellion of 1855–56, with which we are here only marginally concerned, was mainly an effort to undo the steady loss of land to non-tribal immigrants, but E. G. Mann, writing in 1867,[1] listed also a number of specific grievances as having caused the  Santals  to rise against an inefficient and lethargic government, totally inexperienced in dealing with primitive tribes. Among the causes of the rising were: the grasping and rapacious manner of merchants and moneylenders in their transactions with the  Santals, the misery caused by the iniquitous system of allowing personal and hereditary bondage for debt, the unparalleled corruption and extortion of the police in aiding and abetting the moneylenders, and the impossibility of the  Santals  obtaining redress from the courts. The causes of the  Santals ‘ uprising, one of the greatest rebellions in the annals of tribal India, were very similar to the circumstances which led to outbreaks of violence in other tribal areas. […]

Source: Tribes of India
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