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First words: Pratham Books launches a publishing project to promote Indian tribal languages

Saurabh Kumar, Livemint, Jul 05 2014 | To read the full story, click here >>

This 10-book series has been published in Odia and the languages used by four tribal communities in Odisha (Kui, Saura, Munda and Juanga), in the Odia script. “They are the first-ever books for the reading pleasure of children in these languages,” says Manisha Chaudhry, editor, Pratham Books.

Pratham has used the bilingual format to bring out English and Hindi versions of all the books. Urdu and English, and Marathi and English, formats are in the works.

Since the books are being published under an open licence, anyone can translate them into another language. In fact, two books have already been published in the Tamil and English format. […]

Source: First words – Livemint
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