“Saving our heritage”: An insider’s article on modern education and cooperation in support of Adivasi traditions and values – West Bengal

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The language and culture of India’s Adivasi tribes are at risk of erosion. Christian missionaries used to play a destructive role, but one of them actually planted the seed to save the heritage of the Santals, a tribe in eastern India, as Boro Baski, a member of the community, reports. | To read or download the article by Dr. Boro Baski (D+C (12/07/2016, pp. 14-16), click here >>

Source: Missionaries have contributed to disrupting Adivasi traditions, but helped to save heritage as well | D+C – Development + Cooperation
Address: http://www.dandc.eu/en/article/missionaries-have-contributed-disrupting-adivasi-traditions-helped-save-heritage-well
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Local children at the Santal Museum in Bishnubati © Boro Baski


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