Guda: A film by KJ Baby in the tribal language of the Kattunaikkars – Kerala

The Hindu, Monday, Dec 01, 2003

`Guda’ ready for screening

By Our Staff Reporter

KALPETTA NOV. 30. The shooting of the `Guda’, perhaps the first film in the tribal language of the `Kattunaikkars’, has been completed and the film is all set for screening by the middle of December.

K.J. Baby, the director and scriptwriter of `Guda’, said that the film would screened before an invited audience, most probably in Thiruvananthapuram. “The decision to screen the film in theatres will be taken based on the response from the invited audience,” he said.

`Guda’, set in the language of the `Kattunaikkars’, revolves around the story of a tribal girl’s `Thirandu kalyanam’ (ceremonies in connection with the attainment of puberty). The ceremonies involve putting the tribal girl inside a hut that looks like a cage. Mr. Baby’s daughter, Santhi, dons the role of the tribal girl. The cast includes 48 students, including tribal and non-tribal, from the `Kanavu’ at Nadavayal in Wayanad district. The total budget of the film is Rs. 15 lakh and it took 5 years to complete.

The censoring of the film was over two weeks ago. Since the film is in the `Kattunaikkar’s language, subtitles in English and Malayalam would be provided. K. Habib, a marine engineer from Kozhikode, is the producer.

Source: The Hindu : `Guda’ ready for screening

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