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Bhasha is not an acronym. The term ‘bhasha’ means in most Indian languages, ‘language’, ‘speech’, ‘definition’ or ‘voice’.

Bhasha Research and Publication Centre was founded in 1996 for study, documentation and conservation of Non Scheduled languages not protected by the Constitution of India. In the initial years, Bhasha focused on languages of Adivasi and Nomadic communities, many of which follow an oral tradition.

Bhasha and its publication unit, Purva Prakash, have together documented the rich literature prevalent in these languages, their epics, narratives, theatre, music traditions and arts. Bhasha and Purva Prakash have published literary and children’s magazines, books, educational material in print and digital format in 32 Adivasi languages as well as in the major languages as Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi and English. These publications present the Adivasi imagination, knowledge systems, culture and society and have brought visibility to and understanding regarding a significant but long neglected stream of Indian literature and society.

Adivasi literature has emerged as a distinct theme and many new voices and writings are coming to the fore. Publishers are bringing out Adivasi literature in translation. Bhasha had initiated publishing in Adivasi languages nearly two decades back when Adivasi literature was unheard of. The effort to protect the oral languages which began with a single community magazine (Dhol) has now taken the form of a national initiative to map the living languages of India. The People’s Linguistic Survey of India carried out by Bhasha under the Chairmanship of Linguapax Awardee and Founder of Bhasha, Prof. G. N. Devy, maps 780 languages of the Adivasi, nomadic, coastal and hill people along with other marginalized groups.

To make the many community voices visible and heard, we feel happy to bring our publications to you in digital format. This website will keep bringing Bhasha/Purva Prakash’s publications in digital format for easy accessibility and reach.

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