Tip | Find books on tribal culture and history published in India: New Google custom search engine

To find publications released by Indian publishers and government institutions, type the name of a person, tribal community (e.g. “Gond”, “Santal” / “Santhal”, “Warli”), an Indian State or Union Territory (e.g. “Andaman”, “Tripura”, “Telangana tribal”), region (e.g. “Bastar”, “Northeast India tribe”) or any other topic in the search field seen below:

Use a combination of words for specific results (e.g. “Gond art”, “Warli story”, “Santal history”, “tribal anthropology southern India”, “Meghalaya tribe”)


Select Indian publishers and government organisations have been included in the present Google custom search engine for educational purposes only. This selection does not, however, constitute an endorsement of specific publishers, works or authors.

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