Understanding the concept of India’s Anganwadi centres: Facilities for infants that serve rural and urban communities alike

The Directorate of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) provides a range of services addressing the education, as well as health and nutrition needs of children below 6, including: supplementary nutrition, immunisation, health check-ups, referral services, pre-school and non-formal education, nutrition and health education. In addition it implements schemes to curb the evil of child marriage.

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People have started contributing vegetables, fruits and herbs to the centres

Local communities, especially in rural areas, are getting more involved in their neighbourhood anganwadis, which are playing a major role in combating malnutrition among children.

They have started contributing locally grown vegetables and herbs (mainly coriander and pudina) used in cooking as well as fruits (banana, sapota and papaya) to the anganwadis, which are run under the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS).

This has shored up efforts made to address nutritional deficiencies among children.

Community participation in anganwadis was introduced around two years ago, but the concept is now catching on among local people.

They are showing more interest in contributing wholesome ingredients to the anganwadis, according to authorities in the Department of Women and Child Development. The community also provides ‘ginnu’, a sweet made from fresh cow’s milk, which is an energy-rich food item. […]

Deputy Director of Women and Child Development N.R. Vijay told The Hindu that the community had come out in support of the anganwadis in their neighbourhoods. […]

To a question, Mr. Vijay said: “Our idea is not to get the food items, but to connect with the community and get their support for programmes aimed at enhancing nutrition in children and health of pregnant women and lactating mothers.” […]

Source: Local communities get more involved in their neighbourhood anganwadis – Shankar Bennur, The Hindu, MYSORE, July 18, 2014
Address : https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/karnataka/local-communities-get-more-involved-in-their-neighbourhood-anganwadis/article6222004.ece
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