Can Bollywood shatter India’s caste system? Treating delicate subjects with intelligence, sensitivity and creativity

By Mari Marcel Thekaekara, New Internationalist, July 13, 2012

Recently, Aamir Khan – leading film star and household name all over the India where Bollywood reigns supreme – began a prime-time show tackling India’s most serious issues. And the whole country is riveted. […]

Our elites care passionately about India’s image. We love to talk about our proud and glorious past, our ancient heritage. Yet we pretend the evil in our country does not exist.

Aamir wrote: ‘we can never be considered a superpower if we continue to practice untouchability.’ This is a message our rich and powerful care about. It’s one we need to hear over and over again. […]

Crucial social issues can be raised by fun movies, getting people to change their attitudes. The key is to make it ‘not cool’ to have a feudal backward medieval mindset. I believe India’s youth will come on board, for a variety of reasons.

Our poor and our oppressed so desperately need a new tomorrow. Rabindranath Tagore, poet, Nobel laureate and freedom fighter, pleaded for a new dawn with our independence. A new India ‘where the mind is without fear and the head is held high’. Can Bollywood make this happen? Or Aamir Khan?

Source: Can Bollywood shatter India’s caste system? — New Internationalist
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