Dongria Kondh heritage saved

The Dongria Kondh are one of India’s most remote tribes. They live in Orissa state’s Niyamgiri hills and worship a mountain as a God. What did one tribe do to save everything they know?

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Deccan Herald

Like in film, mining poses extinction threat to Niyamgiri hills inhabitants
‘Avatar’ sparks fire in Orissa’s tribal hearts

Prasanta Paul, Kolkata, March 10, DH News Service
The blockbuster sci-fi film ‘Avatar’ might have missed Oscar for the best movie by a whisker, but director of this blockbuster James Cameron ought to have reasons to cheer as his record-breaking film has stirred the hearts of hundreds of tribals in Niyamgiri mountain in Orissa. […]

There might be, however, a basic difference between Cameron’s “Avatar” and the fight of the tribals in Orissa. In the reel life, the fight to save the Na’vi’s “Tree of Souls” is a battle between good and evil.
In the real life, the tribals’ movement to save the Niyamgiri mountain is akin to a dilemma of industrialisation versus tribal rights and highlights a broader standoff between industry and villagers and tribesmen in India’s one of the rich mineral belts and yet one of the most underdeveloped state of Orissa. Read more >>
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