Helping children learn in their own language: StoryWeaver

With over 10,000 stories in 124 languages, StoryWeaver is a vibrant reading site that helps children learn while giving a boost to obscure languages

CGnet Swara, the online voice portal that allows people in the central tribal belt to report local news, partnered with the platform to translate stories into Gondi. The website has over 250 stories in the language now. […]

StoryWeaver boasts a handful of “champions” — people who have translated hundreds of stories into a particular language for free. And then there are those like Sarayu Kamat who have taken the stories into the community. On a recent trip to Bastar, she took with her 200 stories in Gondi, each of them printed in colour on A4 sheets and spiral bound into small books. “We visited several houses in Kanker and distributed the books. We also donated some to the local school library,” Kamat says. She shares pictures of young Manisha, who belongs to the Muria tribe in Chhattisgarh, enjoying the Gondi book Kamat had gifted her. […]

Source: “Tell me a story” by P. Anima in The Hindu BusinessLine (28 December 2018)  
Date visited: 5 April 2024

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