Showcasing the lifestyle of the Koya community: A new tribal museum at Medaram village – Telangana

The newly inaugurated tribal museum behind the altar of Sammakka Sarakka at Medaram village. | Photo Credit: M. Murali

Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao BHUPALPALLY DISTRICT, The Hindu (Hyderabad) JANUARY 27, 2018 | Read the full report >>

With the exclusive tribal museum becoming operational on Tuesday, devotees thronging to the historic Medaram village for the Sammakka–Saralakka jatara can now get an insight into the life and culture of Adivasi and Koya tribes. […]

The circular museum building, decorated with murals, has been attracting the devotees to get to know the lifestyle and tools outside of tribal cultures. The visitors take an L shaped walk-through corridor displaying tribal lifestyles, customs and traditions.

Many visitors were observed taking ‘selfies’ and photographs inside and outside the museum. Enthusiastic visitors were also vying to take photographs with life-sized sculptures of traditional Koyas. […]

To showcase the tribal lifestyle, model bamboo machans (cots) have been laid out on the museum grounds. Some photos display the pre-historic stone structures such as dolmens and menhirs that are part of Koya tribal culture.

Date visited: 4 May 2018
Source: Insight into tribal life

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