“A living testimony of one’s love for nature, culture, tradition, history and posterity” : The Ever Living Museum at Mawshabuit (Shillong) – Meghalaya

Andrew W. Lyngdoh, The Telegraph, Calcutta, April 9 , 2015 | To view more photos and read the full article, click here >>

Away from the hustle and bustle of the ever-growing and ever-congested city, the Ever Living Museum at Mawshabuit, around 9km from Shillong, is a living testimony of one’s love for nature, culture, tradition, history and posterity.

The museum, owned and operated by retired Meghalaya government engineer Kyntiewbor War, was unveiled on April 5.

It has three components — the main museum, stone museum and a garden of wild orchids, wild flowers and wild fruits.

As one enters the 50,000 square foot compound where the museums are located, one feels at peace with nature in all its manifestation.

Amid the greenery, which has become rare in the contemporary era, War’s affection for the distant past, where history could be discovered in varied hues, stands indisputable.

The main museum, which is made of concrete, houses “weapons”, both ancient and contemporary, used by the tribes of Meghalaya.

One can also find ancient smoking pipes of the Garo tribe and the nearly extinct smoking pipes of the Khasi and Jaintia tribes. […]

Apart from attracting tourists, he also wants the museums to serve as a learning centre for posterity where generations would reconnect themselves with their roots, which are firmly ingrained in their history, culture and tradition.

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