Theatre as union of tribal and non-tribal culture – Chhattisgarh

Theatre personalities of Chhattisgarh reached a well-recognised status, owing to their contribution in the theatre of Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh is one of the eminent rural states of India and its theatre art is purely the union of tribal and non-tribal culture. The harmonisation of eastern and western art as a result of the British imperialism has added an articulation to the rich ethnicity of Chhattisgarh Theatre.

The Baster region of this state had undergone eminent changes during the 17th century that resulted in noticeable improvements in the works of the theatre personalities of Chhattisgarh. Ram cult is widely prevalent and also is growing in leaps and bounds over the years to keep inspiring the Chhattisgarh theatre themes. The theatre personalities of Chhattisgarh are lately into many Bhojpuri films after witnessing much success in the field of theaters. […]

The admirers of these theatre personalities of Chhattisgarh are pretty huge in number; their enchanting mimicry, acts, rhythm and humour mesmerise them and they make frequent visits to theatre or `jatra` as popularly known in the state.

Pandwani is the musical narrative of the Mahabharata that is often used by the theatre personalities of Chhattisgarh. Teejan Bhai and Ritu Verma are renowned theatre personalities of Chhattisgarh who has hypnotised their audience with the unique style of acting. In the Soowa dance form, the Panthi and the folk dance of shepherds namely “Raut Nacha are also at times performed by the theatre personalities of Chhattisgarh during plays. The dance styles ballets and comical plays, too, are in vogue. […]

Melodious songs and background music for different sequences assist the theatre personalities of Chhattisgarh. Some of the popular songs are Cher-Chera songs, (celebrating growth of new crops, child songs), Dohe of Rout Nacha, Sua songs and many others. Territorial folk melodies sung by the theatre personalities of Chhattisgarh are Danda songs, Karma songs, and Dewar songs.

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