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The Mundari Dance is a very common and popular dance of the Mundaris. All members of the community can participate in this dance. This dance is generally performed to celebrate the newly weds. Munda songs are often mixed with songs in other tribal languages in such a way, that one can rarely identify the pure Munda elements in their songs. Munda phrases and idioms, when properly decoded, are as thrilling as any exciting discovery. The remarkable similarity between Munda songs and dances and those of other constituent tribal groups in the culture of Jharkhand, lies in this form of group dancing, performed with the swinging of the dancers’ bodies with especially expressive mudras or gestural language. The movements of the dance are very repetitive. The dance style has only a few steps. They move forward a few steps and then backwards the same steps.

Source: Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre
Date Visited: 19 June 2020

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