Understanding the lifestyle, rituals and social customs of seven indigenous tribes: “India’s first live tribal museum” – Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum

As per the last news reports, India’s first live Tribal Museum has registered a marked increase in tourist footfall this year. And if data is to be analysed, the footfall of domestic and international tourists has considerably increased since it has been inaugurated on a year-on-year basis. | Read the full report on Times Travel >>

[…] the curator of the museum said that the museum’s liveliness was one of the major reasons for attracting visitors. […]

This place is an ode to the tribal art and culture of the region. The folklores, lifestyle, rituals and social customs of all seven indigenous tribes of MP―the Gonds, Bhils, Bharias, Sahariya, Korku, Kol, and Baiga are showcased in the museum through a repository of traditional art.  […]

As you step in to these galleries, the exhibits are displayed in such a manner that you feel you are entering right into the heart of their homes and lives.

How to reach MP’s Tribal Museum?
The nearest bus stop is Depot Chouraha near Shastri Nagar. The Tribal Museum is around 800 m from the bus depot.

Address: Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum Shyamala Hills, Bhopal 462002, Madhya Pradesh
Timings: 12 PM to 8 PM (closed on Mondays and all state holidays)
Fees: INR 10 per person

Source: All that you need to know about India’s first ever Tribal Museum, Times Travel, 9 August 2018
URL: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/travel/things-to-do/all-that-you-need-to-know-about-indias-first-ever-tribal-museum/as65339347.cms
Date visited: 10 October 2018

This extremely well-done museum is dedicated to the tribal people who make up over 10 million of the population of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Opened in 2013, this is not a storehouse of dead objects. Created with the labours of a thousand tribal artistes arriving in batches, from every part of the state, recasting myth and life in amazing visuals, out of traditional materials like wood, iron, jute, mud, clay, straw, hemp and leaves, as well as canvas, acrylic and glass.

Source: 10 Museums Of Bhopal
URL: http://www.bhopale.com/place/10-museums-of-bhopal
Date visited: 10 October 2018

More information | Read the full review and find information for visitors here >>

The Tribal museum in Bhopal is very thoughtfully planned and the entire campus is theme based right from its entrance. Every art work has some meaning  to it which is beautifully depicted but difficult to deipher without basic knowledge of the tribes. Best way to understand is ask for a copy of their colorfull brochure which describes meaning of all the major artifact in Hindi. (It can also be downloaded from Tribal Museum Website). 

The well planned campus is divided into 6 galleries depicting Cultural Diversity, Tribal Life, Tribal Art, Tribal Mythology, Tribals of Chattisgarh and Tribal Games. It also has Art Exibition Gallery and Open Air Theatre. All the artfacts in Galleries are majorly taken from 7 major and most important tribes of state namely Gond, Bheel, Korku, Kol, Bharia, Baiga and Saharia.

Address Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum Shyamala Hills, Bhopal 462002, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA Phone: +91 755 2661948, 2661640

Email: mptribalmuseum@gmail.com

Website : http://mptribalmuseum.com/

Source: Tribal Museum Bhopal by Rajnish Khare
URL: https://bhopal.info/explore/museums/tribal-museum/
Date visited: 25 December 2018

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