Video | “Chadar Badni” Santal Puppetry: Daricha’s Artist of the Month –  West Bengal

Chadar Bad(o)ni is a form of traditional Santal puppetry, practised by just a few members of the community. Performance by Sahadev Kisku and his group.… © 2017 Daricha Foundation. All rights reserved.

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Courtesy: Ratnaboli Bose (email 1 January 2018)

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Conceived by Ratnaboli Bose, Project Daricha traces the roots of performing arts like Jhumur and Raibneshe, crafts like kantha and lac dolls, art forms like alpona and patachitra and more.

Bose was working with ITC Sangeet Research Academy when she realised there was very little about the traditional art, craft and music of Bengal and other states of India on the Internet. “Whatever little information is available does not explore any particular genre of work in detail. A formal documentation of crafts and artists, at least on the Internet, is extremely necessary in our times,” said the founder and secretary of Daricha Foundation. […]

The Telegraph (Calcutta), May 11 , 2014 | Read the full report here >>

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