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School in Odisha taking Corona (covid-19) precautions © Unicef India >>

Our community health workers and village co-ordinators have been leading from the front in responding to the needs of all the tribals across 320 hamlets, putting their lives at-risk while ensuring the safety of others. […] And to engage children during the lockdown, we at the Vidyodaya Maths and Science Resource Centre have created a playlist of simple Science and Maths activities that children can do at home. | Learn more and benefit from this team’s efforts wherever you are >>

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Stories of unsung heroes, changemakers, innovations, education, children, women empowerment, travel, history, arts & culture, social development – really, the list is endless. | To view more photos and read the full post, click here >>

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“Tribal communities are a standing example of how women play a major role in preservation of eco historic cultural heritage in India.” – Mari Marcel Thekaekara (writer and Co-Founder of ACCORD-Nilgiris) | Learn more >>

Learn more about Adivasi women’s health on Safe search >>

Image © Satwik Gade in “From the diary of an Adivasi woman: In India, how top-down development excludes its biggest stakeholders” by Naomi Hembrom (FirstPost.com) >>

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