Conserving the forests and protecting the livelihood of semi-nomadic tribal communities – West Bengal

NESPON – North Eastern Society for Preservation of Nature and Wildlife

Location: 200 forest villages including the 5 forest sub-divisions of Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri districts, West Bengal.

Project Holder: Mr. Soumitra Ghosh

Objectives: # Community mobilized on child right issues in forests and such integrated with the larger movement goal. # To create spaces for children to raise their issues/concerns/voices and enable it to integrate with the larger voice of adults. #  Facilitation of Child and Youth groups in forest areas through which children and youth will raise their issues, integrate them with the larger forest movement. # Comprehensive Alliance building between various peoples movements in North Bengal. Collective action building in forest areas, adjacent tea gardens and nearby revenue villages.

Reference Group: Forest semi-nomadic tribal communities – their families and children (Mech, Rava, Garo and Dhimal in the Terai region and Lepcha, Limbu in the Hills). […]

Project brief: NESPON, a Siliguri based voluntary organization, works among the forest communities of North Bengal, since 1992, with the objectives of conserving the forests and other natural resources of the area and supporting as well as protecting the livelihood of people dependant on this resource base. […]

NESPON believes that conservation of forests and other natural resources in North Bengal and elsewhere demands that the role of people as manager and governors of these resources be legally recognized, the community rights over these resources be ensured and the livelihoods of people be adequately protected. NESPON has a wide mass base and the experience of working in the area of Forest Rights. It has a strong committed team with political understanding of the area and the prevailing issues and their linkages with the larger issues.

Source: NESPON – North Eastern Society for Preservation of Nature and Wildlife
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