Daricha Foundation’s blog and online media library: Providing access to knowledge on India’s folk and tribal arts and its practitioners – West Bengal

The foundation is registered as a not for profit Society in Kolkata since April 2013.

www.daricha.org is an online portal solely dedicated to the promotion of folk and tribal arts, beginning with West Bengal, India. Daricha means a “window” – that provides instant access to knowledge on our folk and tribal arts and its practitioners. In bringing these forms alive to a wider global audience, we hope to not only connect you to the artists and their arts, but also to enable you to contribute towards the conservation and propagation of these arts.

Source: ▶ Daricha Foundation Curtain Raiser – YouTube
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For more information on its objectives, please check the mission statement on the foundation’s homepage: www.daricha.org

Blog by Daricha Foundation Secretary Ratnaboli Bose:

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