Video | Deowal Chitra & Alpana: Santal art reflecting “simplicity, honesty and a quiet vigour” – West Bengal

Ministry of Culture Govt. of India

The Santhals, a proto-Austroloid racial group, is the largest tribe in West Bengal. Although they reside in several districts of West Bengal, Purulia District is one of the major areas where Santhals are found after Paschim Mednipur district.

The primary occupation of Santhals is daily agricultural and manual labour. Santhal religion worships Marang Buru or Bonga as Supreme deity. The art of tribal paintings is transmitted from generation to generation, and is constantly recreated by communities and groups, in response to their environment and their history. It is mostly women who engage in producing these art forms.

Source: National List for Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), Ministry of Culture, Government of India
Date visited: 5 October 2020

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“The smart boy or clever girl who is deprived of the opportunity of schooling, or who goes to a school with dismal facilities (not to mention the high incidence of absentee teachers), not only loses the opportunities he or she could have had, but also adds to the massive waste of talent that is a characteristic of the life of our country.” – Nobel Awardee Amartya Sen in The Argumentative Indian (Penguin Books, 2005), p. 344

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