Continuation of colonial-era forest laws and mass evictions: Historical displacement of tribals from forests – Forest Rights Act

Nitin Sethi, The Wire, 15 February 2019

State governments would have to undertake mass evictions if the court accepts a petition filed by wildlife groups. […]  

If the court accepts the plea of petitioners, state governments would have to undertake mass evictions. The union ministry for tribal affairs estimates that by the end of November 2018, out of the 4.2 million claims received, 1.94 million claims have been rejected. As many as 1.89 million claimants have actually got titles over their traditional forestlands.  […]  

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has ordered states to report what action they have been taken against tribals and forest-dwellers whose claims to forestlands have been rejected under the Forest Rights Act. | Read the full article >>

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Source: SC Seeks Report on Action Taken Against Tribals Who Lost Claim to Forests
Date visited: 19 February 2019

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