Globalisation in a historical perspective: “Histories of the Adivasis have largely been neglected”

Globalisation, Environmentally Non-sustainable Growth and the Plight of the Adivasis of India

Historian Anjana Singh offers insights into Adivasi’s living conditions

In this article the attempt will be made to analyse the long-term and current challenges of the adivasis. The problem is twofold: on the one hand economic development is a necessity for India; on the other hand the attitude of the Indian government towards the adivasis in an increasingly connected and competitive world, ignores the minorities. Poorer countries must transition form traditional to modern economies to alleviate poverty. The processes of modernization and globalization need to be analysed critically, though.

Summary, Groniek 213, Stichting Groniek, Summer 2017, p. 369

Historica Anjana Singh biedt met haar artikel inzicht in de huidige leefomstandigheden van de Adivasis (letterlijk: oude bewoners), de verzamelnaam van verschillende inheemse volken in India.

Source: Groniek 213 is uit: ‘Inheemse volken’ (University of Groningen)
Date visited:  16 January 2019

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