Video | “Rasi Nato” (Big Village): Song 5 from Santali video album “Ale Ato” (Our Village) – West Bengal

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5 Rasi Nato (Big Village)

[Starting from 16:25, continues/ends in Part 2]

A group of women recall their bygone days:
In our big village we girls and boys were together in pairs. But the pairs of our friendships are no more. Some of us have shut ourselves up indoors. Some of us have chained ourselves and have multiplied like the roots of a banana plant.

Literary translation

Boys and girls in our big village

We used to be in pairs,

Pairs of our friendship is broken.

Some of us have closed ourselves indoor,

Some of us have chained ourselves,

Some of us have multiplied like root of banana plants.

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Courtesy: Dr. Boro Baski © Ghosaldanga Bishnubati Adibasi Trust –

Dr. Boro Baski works for the community-based organisation Ghosaldanga Adibasi Seva Sangha in West Bengal. The NGO is supported by the German NGO Freundeskreis Ghosaldanga und Bishnubati. He was the first person from his village to go to college as well as the first to earn a PhD (in social work) at Viswa-Bharati. This university was founded by Rabindranath Tagore to foster integrated rural development with respect for cultural diversity. The cooperation he inspired helps local communities to improve agriculture, economical and environmental conditions locally, besides facilitating education and health care based on modern science.

He authored Santali translations of Rabindranath Tagore’s Vidyasagar-Charit and Raktakarabi (Red Oleanders), published by the Asiatic Society & Sahitya Akademi in 2020.

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