Rejuvenating a tribe’s traditional dance form: Lambada women celebrate life with Natch – Andhra Pradesh

Lambada tribal women performing their traditional dance Natch at Seetarampuram tanda in Krishna district. —Photo: T. Appala Naidu

T. APPALA NAIDU, The Hindu A. KONDURU (KRISHNA), July 28, 2014

In a bid to rejuvenate Lambada tribe’s traditional dance form, Natch, a majority of women of the community are performing it to mark every happy moment of their daily life in Tandas (villages) in Krishna district. Women in their traditional attire hitherto performed Natch only during weddings, Holi and other select Hindu festivals.

Unfortunately, it is very rare to find a company of flautist or drummer in our performance. Of the mix of three different artistes, dancer, flautist and drummer required to perform a complete Natch form, only the women dancers can be seen,” said tribal elders Azmera Bithelu and Balu Bukhya. […]

While tribal dances of Andhra Pradesh such as Koya and numerous styles of Dhimsa and Savara tribe’s TongTseng dance require huge energy to display its complete beauty, the Natch is more over a display of facial expression of the performer and their beautiful expressions with their hands.

Unable to hide their emotions and connection with the dance, many young girls in their modern attire often join their elders to perform Natch.

Source: Lambada women celebrate life with Natch – ANDHRA PRADESH – The Hindu
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