Video | Adivaani at TEDxXLRI: Ruby Hembrom on professional publishing and self-expression by Adivasis in the modern world – Jharkhand & West Bengal

A presentation by Ruby Hembrom, co-founder of Adivaani (Kolkata); the first independently organized TED Talk held at the Xavier School of Management (Jamshedpur)

Published on Apr 19, 2014

When Ruby joined a publishing course in April 2012, she soon realised that the tribal voice was missing from the popular discourse. The disappointment spawned the idea of setting up a publishing house to document the oral forms of storytelling and folklores to document stories of struggles, exploitation and displacement of the Adivasis. She started Adivaani with two friends; a cause to help, preserve and amplify the Adivasi voice, the Adivaani.

She worked with the IT industry in Gurgaon and Calcutta for 10 years, before she was overcome by the urge to do something meaningful for a largely invisible community. […]

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