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Submission To Justice Verma Committee On Tourism’s Role In The Exploitation Of Women | To read the full text, click here >>

[…] Please find attached EQUATIONS submission on concerns we have in relation to tourism’s role in the exploitation of women. Key concerns we would like to raise are summarised below:
In our quest for tourism that is more equitable, sustainable and just we have had on our radar the impact that current forms of tourism development have on women’s lives. […]
On the social and cultural front, tourism also reflects social, economic and political power relations existing in society, therefore, initiatives taken in relation to tourism should take into consideration these realities. Women from Dalit communities constitute large part of cleaning jobs, especially manual scavenging (95%). They face discrimination on both caste and gender grounds and are subjected to multitude of atrocities including rape.
The marketing of tourism is one area which features women prominently. The language of patriarchy, heterosexuality and tourism promotion are inter-linked and primarily addressed to the need of male tourists. Stereotypical and sexist images of women are often part of tourism promotion in brochures and advertisements.
We call upon governments, policy makers, industry, civil society to engage in more systemic ways with the challenge of women’s empowerment in tourism. It is time for the government to recognise tourism as a site for blatant and inhuman exploitation of women in tourism. We urge the committee to incorporate provisions to protect women at tourism destinations and declare that tourism will not be promoted at expense of women’s dignity, respect and rights. […]
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