Our trip to the Adivasi festival in Ranchi: School blog about an excursion from the Nilgiri mountains of Tamil Nadu to Jharkhand in central India

This week, our blog is coming to you from the students of Class 9. […]

In order, you can see (back row left-right) Tariq (one of our supervisors), Srudilaya, Prasad, Mridul, Priya (one of our teachers), then (front row left-right) Nibuna, Badichi, Vijimol (one of our supervisors) and Nandini. Those of us in Class 9 are aged between 14 and 16.

The group trip we made was to Ranchi (the capital of the state of Jharkhand) in central India, to attend a tribal (adivasi) festival being held by the Central University of Jharkhand. Many of us were travelling on the train for the first time, and for almost everyone it was the longest journey we have made. Ranchi is over 2000 kilometres away from Gudalur – longer than the UK is from one end to the other. The train journey took over 40 hours and there were nearly 90 stops! During the night we slept in berths, and in the day we played cards and chatted.  […]

39 of us went altogether from Gudalur. As well as the six of us and our supervisors, a lot of tribal people from our community attended the event. Our ages ranged from 14 to 65 and we represented all four tribes from the Nilgiri Hills: Paniya, Bettakurumba, Mullukurumba, Kattunaickan. You can see our whole group below. […]

It was fascinating to see all different kinds of tribal clothing and accessories from around the country, like these beads and footwear from North India […]

We were really sad when the event came to end, but we were looking forward to coming back to Gudalur and telling everyone at school about what we’d seen and done. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it, and that you like the photos we took.

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