Video | South Gujarat tribal music documentation (1): Tarpu and tircho

Dhanjibhai Jerdi Konkni plays the tarpu. Kasiram Lalsu Konkni plays the tircho.

Both belong to Ambapani village in Vansda Taluka of Navsari District and are 40-45 years old. They have some land holding and during the non-monsoon months, they find contractual farm work.

Both these instruments are played during festival rituals as Diwali, Holi or Akhatreej between the months of October and March which are usually performed at the devasthal (the home/place of gods) usually in the hills or at the village outskirts. They are also played during rituals held to mark a pledge to god in return for a wish or prayer. These instruments do not form part of marriage or death rituals.

There are special artists to play these instruments. At times, they are passed on from one generation to the next, however, anyone who wishes to, can learn to play these instruments. They are played only by men in the community. The music is played to the accompaniment of songs or dance form call Tarpa.

Source: Sonal Baxi © 2013 Bhasha Research and Publication Centre Tejgadh

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