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Bhasha_Music_Clip_South_GujaratWatch two brief excerpts from the archive of Bhasha’s video documentation team

  • Video clip 1 Two instruments known as tarpu and tircho normally played during rituals
  • Video clip 2 Accompaniment to Kansari katha (story telling in honour of the goddess of food) by an instrument known as ghangali

This documentation was undertaken at the campus of the Adivasi Academy to document the cultural practices as well as to understand them. These are available with the Academy’ museum for interested visitors, researchers, students and practioners of music and community members. The documentation was carried out by Naran Rathwa, Vikesh Rathva and Nita Rathwa, the team at the Vaacha museum of the Academy. Other faculty members who joined included Jeetendra Vasava, Harish Rathwa, Manisha Varia, Nagin J Rathwa, Rajesh Rathwa and Amruta Vadhu.

Source: Sonal Baxi © 2013 Bhasha Research and Publication Centre Tejgadh

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