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[…] “If the sprouts are thick and high, it is considered very lucky and their prayers answered. It is a belief among girls,” he pointed out. The small exclusive colony of Lambada tribe came up behind Hanamkonda bus depot in 1980s with the migration of the tribals to the town in search of work. Around 100 families settled down in the town and they have been safeguarding the spirit of their culture by celebrating the festival every year.

The festival falls in the auspicious Telugu Sravana month. “These tribals live close to nature. They take delight in burgeoning greenery and consider it as good omen to their lives,” Prof. Sitaram added.

Source: Banjara tribe refuses to snap ties with its culture – ANDHRA PRADESH – The Hindu
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Lambada women shine with silver necklaces

The necklace comprising silver coins of Emperor George V adorned by Lambada tribal women is the most valuable gift among all the ornaments they possess.

According to Lambada tribal practice which is still vogue in Krishna district, the husband will present a haar (necklace) with a few silver coins to his wife whenever he could afford. “The silver haar is something which we pass on to our children,” said old women belonging to a thanda in A. Konduru mandal. […]

The men manage to find the coins in the weekly tribal shandy being held at Tiruvuru in Krishna district and other border villages of Khammam district in Telangana State.

Though the tribe has no connection with King George V or his ruling period’s history, majority of the haars available with the women comprise at least a dozen of silver coins each – minted in the name of King George V.

It is also learnt that the tribal men buy silver coins irrespective of image minted on coins they find in the market.

It’s a practice that Lambada men religiously follow to impress their wives. However, those who cannot afford silver coins use alternative means,” said Coastal Andhra In-charge of Lambada Hakkula Porata Samiti Bhojya Naik Hamsavath.

Source: Lambada women shine with silver necklaces – ANDHRA PRADESH – The Hindu
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