Safe Search engine for use by teachers and pupils

  1. to find suitable information and media contents for educational purposes, type keywords like “tribal cultural heritage in India” or “Shola forest biodiversity” here >>
  2. modify your search for up-to-date information by replacing these keywords by “Indian tribal language”, Adivasi music”, “Santal dance”, “Gujarat tribal education” etc.
  3. for video contents, include “youtube” or “vimeo” among the keywords
  4. for detailed reports and research papers, do the same with the help of the search window seen below

Please note: due to the inclusion of international organisations, search results may list publications on issues concerning American “Indian” communities including Indigenous of Brazil and Canada. To limit results to India, insert “India” and specific names into your query: an Indian state or region like Andaman, Jharkhand, Wayanad and Odisha; or the name of a tribal community (e.g. Bhil, Gond, Santal or Warli). | Sitemap – Names of tribal communities >>

Reports and resources for education and research purposes

For a list of websites included in a single search, see below. To find publishing details for Shodhganga’s PhD search results, click here. To search Indian magazines, web portals and other sources safely, click here >>

Try the following in case Google Custom Search window or media contents are invisible here: (1) switch from “Reader” to regular viewing; (2) in browser’s Security settings select “Enable JavaScript”; (3) check Google support for browsers and devices | More >>

List of websites covered by this Google custom search engine

  1. (platform for academics to share research papers) –
  2. –
  3. Centre for Science and Environment –
  4. Down To Earth (India) –
  5. International Institute for Asian Studies –
  6. Mongabay-India –
  7. M S Swaminathan Research Foundation –
  8. Navdanya (protecting India’s biodiversity based food heritage) –
  9. Third World Network (Penang, Malaysia) –
  10. The Shola Trust (nature conservation in the Nilgiri region) –