Take a virtual journey across India (interactive map)

Within minutes this virtual trip you’ll travel thousands of kilometres across India. And if you have more time to spare, linger anywhere – enjoy your journey!

For instance, to follow a 6000 km route that takes you from Ladakh (A) to Rajasthan (J) in a clockwise direction, open the map’s menu, then check “Take a tour – 6000 km”; click on the zoom button for a better view. Select “View nearby capitals”, then click on any marker for information on that capital city.

Over 1.2 billion people live in India today (official census figures 2011). Since 1971 the country’s total population has more than doubled from 550 million. How do India’s tribal communities cope with modernity and issues like climate change? | Learn more by following this virtual journey, then read this article by Boro Baski >>

Tips for using interactive maps

  1. toggle to normal view (from reader view) should the interactive map not be displayed by your tablet, smartphone or pc browser
  2. for more details (some with hyperlinks), click on the map button seen on the left top
  3. scroll and click on one of the markers for information of special interest
  4. explore India’s tribal cultural heritage with the help of another interactive map >>