To follow a 6000 km route from Ladakh (A) to Rajasthan in a clockwise direction, open the map’s menu and click on any marker. Select “Directions” and click on the zoom button for a better view; or toggle to select/deselect “View nearby capitals”.

In 2011 India’s population crossed the 1.2 billion mark according to official census figures. This means that since 1971 it has more than doubled. 

On World Population Day [2022], the United Nations has released a report projecting India to surpass China as the world’s most populous country by around 2023. –, 11 July 2022 >>

How do India’s tribal communities cope with modernity and issues like climate change? Learn more by following this virtual journey, then read this article by Dr. Boro Baski >>

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What is the Forest Rights Act about? 

Who is a forest dweller under this law, and who gets rights?