Butterfly survey by the Ferns Naturalists Society in North Wayanad Forest Division – Kerala

Photo © The Hindu, KALPETTA, October 30, 2011 – The team reported 38 species of skippers, 14 species of blues, 15 species of swallow tails, 18 white and yellows, and 55 species of brush-footed butterflies, A.T. Sudheesh, coordinator of the survey, said

A recent butterfly survey in North Wayanad Forest Division of Kerala organised jointly by the Ferns Naturalists Society and the Forest and Wildlife Department reported the sighting of 140 species, including 17 which had not been hitherto reported in the region.

The three-day survey was conducted at three locations under the division at Brahmagiri, Makkimala, and Kunjome. Four researchers, V.C. Balakrishnan, Padman Karayad, Sasi Gayathri, and P.A. Vinayan, and 40 students from the Department of Wildlife Biology, AVC College, Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu; Centre for Wildlife Biology, veterinary college, Pookode; Department of Applied Zoology, Kannur University; Department of Zoology, Mary Matha College, Mananthavadi, and the College of Forestry, Mannuthy, took part in the survey. […]

The sighting of 140 species of butterflies is an evidence of a healthy butterfly habitat in the region, V.C. Balakrishnan of the Society for Environment Education in Kerala (SEEK) said.

The new species in the region included Black-Veign Sergeant, Dark Pierrot, Nilgiri Tiger, Blue Pansy, Common Banded Demon, and Yellow-Jack Sailer, he added.

Source: Butterfly survey records 140 species by E. M. Manoj (The Hindu, 30 October 2011)
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