Commercial varieties of trees in tribal forest areas must not replace plants on which the Adivasis are dependent

Indu Netam, an Adivasi leader from Chhattisgarh, on Monday, slammed the plantation of eucalyptus and other commercial varieties of trees in tribal forest areas under Green India Mission (GIM), saying this was impacting their livelihoods.

Addressing the media here on Monday, she said in the name of protecting the environment, fruit-bearing trees, medicinal and other plants on which the Adivasis were dependent for ages have been replaced by plants that were not useful to them. She also complained that the Forest Rights Act was only on paper and not being implemented.

Lands being taken away

Souparna Lahiri of the All India Forum of Forest Movement alleged that under the Green India Mission, undertaken in line with the Prime Minister’s climate action plan, lands of forest communities were being taken away. In Chhattisgarh [Chhattisgarh], jatropha was being planted under GIM. He said the forest department was being given the right to govern forests through the backdoor by launching joint forest management initiatives.

He claimed that the forest cover in 113 tribal areas was more than 33 per cent, against the national average of 21 per cent. […]

Meanwhile, several NGOs and Indigenous People’s Organisations (IPOs) from across the globe, in an open letter to the international donor community, have expressed concern about the way funds meant for forest conservation, restoration and poverty eradication were being misdirected towards REDD+ projects (Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation and to enhance forest carbon stocks).

Source: “Green initiative detrimental to livelihood of tribal people” The Hindu, HYDERABAD, 9 October 2012
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For how long will I have to
Bear the pain of development
Or is it that I will be done to death
Before attaining development?

Quote from a poem by Ram Dayal Munda titled “The Pain of Development (Vikas Ka Dard)”

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