Barao Dance and music – Jharkhand

The richness and variety of the Barao Dance and music is remarkable. The Oraon community of the state, who are mainly concentrated in the Hazaribagh Goomla area, performs this dance. The high table land is thickly dotted with hills and hillocks. The Oraons call themselves Kuruk. The ten lakh strong Oraon population of Jharkhand has folk songs, folk dances, folk tales and some traditional musical instruments, which are their own. Both men and women participate in these community dances. There are different songs and dances for different occasions and seasons. Every village has a Akhada or performing area in which in the month of Baisakh (April – May) all groups of the village organize a jatra (folk theatre) or dance festival. The Barao dance is held during this month. The community offers prayers to Mother Earth for a plentiful monsoon, so that a good harvest season may follow. […]

Source: Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre
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Date Visited: 18 October 2o21

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The tribes and castes in India are communities apart. Those who belong to castes belong to no tribes, and those who belong to tribes are outside the caste pyramid. What brings them together is probably their love for songs.

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