Video | Trimukhi Platform: Body movements “combining in a new way this rural India” – West Bengal

Rehearsed and premiered in the middle of a red stone quarry on the outskirts of Borotalpada tribal village, 220 km southwest of Calcutta, COOKING STONE stages the inhabitants, their presence, their body movements, the sounds of their daily activities, combining in a new way this rural India which has been described by poet Rabindranath Tagore and filmmaker Satyajit Ray, two immense artists who have so deeply detected the beauty and the strength of such an everyday life. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, COOKING STONE is not showcased this Saturday at Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, in the framework of Danse Elargie. Enjoy instead watching a filmed version of the stage work by Trimukhi Platform and a video-surprise on DANSE ÉLARGIE by Théâtre de la Ville..!

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Video | “I saw women working 90 per cent of the time. They did backbreaking jobs for which you need an erect spine,” says P. Sainath in Visible Work, Invisible Women: Bricks, coal and stone | >>

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